Big Health Robot

In today's society, whether it is students, office workers or middle-aged and elderly people, it is inevitable to sit for a long time, stand for a long time or bow your head for a long time. Low back pain, decreased digestion and absorption functions, long-term lowering of the head can cause neck pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, dizziness, hand numbness, headache, nausea and other problems, and the body is in a sub-healthy state. In response to these problems, a big health robot has been developed and designed, which can intelligently generate massage trajectories based on infrared thermal imaging, and cooperate with the flexible force control of the robotic arm and automatic temperature control to reproduce master-level real-life massage techniques, helping to relax tired shoulder and back muscles and promote blood circulation. , Relieving nerve compression has an immediate effect on improving the sub-health of the body. Can massage, physiotherapy, moxibustion.

Single Arm Compound Robot

The single-arm composite robot platform can realize algorithms and applications such as robot mapping navigation, path planning, manipulator kinematics, dynamics, trajectory planning, and visual recognition. Scenario for application development.

Composite robot

The composite robot integrates the AGV mobile robot and the mechanical arm, and can be equipped with automatic fixtures, vision systems, intelligent screwdrivers and other execution units. In the future smart scene, the composite robot is more refined and can adapt to high-complexity and high-precision environments. Sexuality, autonomy, collaboration. Compared with traditional robots, it has the ability that non-standard automation equipment does not have. It can complete the task of moving, handling and picking materials, and can also join the production line to undertake specific types of processing operations.

Composite lifting robot

The composite lifting robot integrates the mobile chassis, vertical guide rails, mechanical arms, visual sensors, and end tools through the main control module. Compared with the traditional form of compound robot, the lifting system is added to further expand the working space of the robot. At the same time, the end of the manipulator is not only equipped with execution tools, but also integrates an open source 3D vision sensor to ensure that the robot has higher task accuracy and flexibility under sufficient working space.

Dual Arm Compound Robot

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, people have more and more demands on robotic arms. In order to meet the complexity, intelligence, and compliance requirements of tasks, dual-arm robots emerged as the times require. The dual-arm composite robot is an intelligent general-purpose platform based on the realman ultra-thin humanoid robotic arm.
The platform is equipped with two 7-axis robotic arms, which can work freely like human arms, with single-arm independent operation and double-arm collaborative operation capabilities; the bottom is equipped with a mobile robot, which has the ability to move, navigate, and avoid obstacles. At the same time, the platform integrates voice modules and depth vision, endowing the dual robots with voice interaction and visual perception capabilities.