Fight against smuggling at sea


Use UAVs to patrol at high altitude, find suspicious ships in time, lock and track them, and send the images back to the ground command center in real time, providing a basis for scientific and efficient decision-making by the command center, and helping the public security anti-smuggling team to effectively crack down on illegal smuggling.





Town patrol


The UAV is equipped with visible light and infrared dual-light pods, which can patrol towns at all times of the day and night. Discover and track suspicious persons and vehicles, monitor illegal construction, discover and report natural disasters such as landslides in time, and ensure the safety of residents.





Water inspection


Use infrared pods to inspect surface ships, discover and stop illegal fishing, illegal sand mining, discover sea surface pollution, ensure timely detection of illegal acts, and ensure the safety of sea areas and people.





Highway inspection


Use drones to assist ground law enforcement, intelligently lock and track target vehicles, inspect illegal road construction, road occupation and other behaviors, and timely detect occupation, damage to roads and ancillary facilities; at the same time, it can check whether the road surface is loose, cracked, or covered. Check the road matrix, side slopes, and side ditches to eliminate hidden dangers of landslides, landslides, and debris flows.