Pipeline inspection 


The UAV is equipped with a dual-light pod, which has day and night monitoring capabilities, and can hover and hover over the designated target to detect pipeline damage, oil spills and other problems in time. For illegal activities such as stealing oil, it can locate the alarm, cooperate with the remote megaphone to deter, stop and collect evidence on the spot.





Oil field and joint station


Use night drilling platform inspections, suspicious personnel and vehicle tracking on mountain roads in oil areas, night inspections at joint stations, and use megaphones to drive away irrelevant personnel.






Refined inspection

Use the dual-light pod mounted on the UAV to realize visible light inspection and infrared imaging inspection, and inspect the condition of insulation string hanging points, drainage lines, pole towers, and insulators on the line of sight; the condition of anti-vibration hammers, wire clips, and wires.






Channel inspection

Discover construction black spots, wildfires, illegal buildings, landslides and other hidden dangers in ground passages; inspect corridor locations and environmental information, and use the onboard lidar to achieve real-time modeling.