Radar mapping 


Utilizing the high-efficiency and high-precision characteristics of UAV lidar surveying and mapping, it can investigate resources such as highways, railways, bridges, water conservancy, land, forests, grasslands, mines, etc., monitor geological disasters, and can conduct inspections on buildings, cultural relics, Large-scale and efficient 3D digital reconstruction of cities and ruins.





Oblique photography

The UAV can carry a 120-megapixel tilting camera, and a single take-off and landing can obtain data of 40 square kilometers, which can be used for urban 3D surveying and mapping, cultural heritage modeling, and urban 3D real scene construction.







Mineral resources

Use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor illegal mineral mining, illegal excavation of sand and gravel, soil inspections, illegal stacking of waste, and timely discovery and disposal of illegal construction projects and buildings.






Agriculture and forestry census

UAVs are equipped with lidar, multi-spectral or orthographic cameras, which can conduct large-scale surveys of farmland, forests, etc. at high altitudes. It can measure forest and farmland area, tree species, regional environment, growth status, etc. It has the characteristics of strong flexibility, high resolution, wide coverage area, and low operating cost.