Robotic Arm

hitechfromChina regards mutual benefit and win-win as the goal. Based on the main body of the robot arm, it links upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and works together with outstanding industry colleagues to create a core ecological industrial chain. The end of the robot arm has a universal interface, flexible expansion, plug and play, integrated The robotic arm still comes with rich interfaces to meet the expansion of multi-industry application requirements.

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Industrial-grade UAV

As a professional industrial-grade UAV system provider. E6 and C20 high-performance vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAVs have been industrialized at present, and have been practically applied in the fields of public safety, emergency fire protection, land resources, oil pipelines, and power inspections.

Public Safety

Help law enforcement agencies effectively combat illegal and criminal activities.

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National Land Resources

Cultivated land utilization, land occupation, mineral mining, road inspection, etc.

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Emergency Firefighting

Fire warning, material throwing, air shouting, air search.

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Petroleum\Electric power inspection

Oil theft and oil spill monitoring, pipeline inspection, drilling platform inspection, suspicious vehicle tracking.

Refined inspection and real-time modeling.

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