Fire warning


Carry out patrol inspections in high-fire risk areas to detect fire hazards in a timely manner. When a disaster occurs, it can immediately locate the fire source and assist firefighters to put out the fire. After the fire is extinguished, the area can be inspected again to check whether there is any residual open fire to avoid secondary disasters.      

Emergency Command


Taking advantage of its advantages of flexible cruising, fast speed, and wide coverage, UAVs can be used for air shouting and emergency command in case of emergencies.     

Emergency search and rescue


Utilizing the advantage of UAV's wide aerial field of vision, combined with the super perception ability of visible light and infrared dual-light pods, efficient aerial search can be realized. It also simultaneously supports the display of the corresponding geographic location, and then transmits pictures and data to the command center in real time, providing important information for all-weather search and judgment.  

Material throwing


In an emergency situation, when the trapped person is found and ground rescuers find it difficult to reach the trapped point, drones can be used to deliver food, water, life buoys, cold protection, communication equipment and other supplies, which can save lives at critical moments.