Goolton Technology AR Solutions

Goolton Technology AR Solutions

Smart glasses in manufacturing can improve the safety of industrial operations, realize the digitization, visualization, and intelligence of services. With the help of 5G+AR architecture, industries using augmented reality can realize the implementation process and production process tracking, maintenance costs reduce, error warnings. 
At the same time, Chinese AR glasses solve the problem of basic data protection and improves security assurance capabilities, reduces operating costs, increases revenue, improves data quality, and breaks through data islands.
Through 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, ar glasses can empower key links such as industrial design, manufacturing, quality inspection, operation and maintenance, and safety, forming typical application scenarios such as AR warehouse picking, collaborative design, simulation verification, auxiliary assembly, and precise control. Build an AI brain to realize future smart industrial applications.





AR glasses can provide multimedia remote guidance interaction capabilities which are based on first-view audio and video, AI intelligent recognition capabilities, and augmented reality capabilities, to empower industry customers, and help customers to achieve mobile operation management, and improve market competitiveness.







The operator continuously scans the identification code on the package through the AR glasses, displays key information such as the cargo destination and priority, and performs picking and review according to the optimal path guidance planned by the glasses.








In smart security, ar glasses can be used in mobile law enforcement to perform face recognition, certificate verification, and license plate recognition. AR glasses can receive and display high-altitude images taken by drones and remote command and information in real-time, realizing air-ground coordination and three-dimensional prevention and control.







When working at remote places, front-line personnel wearing AR glasses to operate according to smart work orders issued in the background. When problems or malfunctions are encountered, experts can access them at any time for remote guidance.








Wearing AR smart glasses, experts can remotely connect to the first site, guide the on-site staff to solve the fault, and improve communication efficiency through text, voice, video, pictures, screenshots, markup, video sending, and AR overlay..